Organic Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers

Organic Seaweed Kelp

It is a natural seaweed extract made from the stems (stipe) of storm cast Bull Kelp collected fresh. It is a concentrated, organic, seaweed fertilizer. It enhances root development and uptake of nutrients locked up in a soil. It improves germination and provides drought and frost resistance. It helps develop plant resistance to sucking insects and fungal attack and assists in more rapid germination and generally improves plant health. It can be used over a range of plants including vegetables, flowering plants, compost, orchards, vineyards, tea, tobacco, cereal crops, dairy and in farms growing organic produce.
Packing: 5 Litres, 10 Liters, 1 Ton etc.

Organic Magnesium Silicate

It is an all-natural and organic fertilizers comprising of Magnesium Silicate, a mineral compound containing high levels of Magnesium and Silica. With the combination of naturally occurring trace elements, OMS is essential for optimum growth and health in soil, plants and livestock. Magnesium silicate is rich source of Magnesium in soil, crops and stock. It can prevent early leaf fall in agriculture causing yield loss, promote resistance to fungal attack, prevent grass staggers and milk fever in lactating stock and restore crop yield damaged by magnesium deficiency.

Element % age W/W
Magnesium Oxide MgO 37.7%
Iron Oxide Fe203 5.5%
Aluminium Oxide Al203 0.8%
Calcium Oxide CaO 0.14%
Sodium Oxide Na20 0.008%
Potassium Oxide K20 0.004%
Nickel Ni 0.008%
Chromium Cr 0.05%
Zinc Zn 0.003%
Copper Cu 0.001%
Cadmium Cd 0.001%
Silica Si02 49.7%

Why use Super MagSi for direct application?

• Super MagSi is a registered and certified organic fertiliser BioGro 4985
• Magnesium is the ‘Miracle Mineral’ for agriculture and horticulture worldwide.
• Magnesium and silicate based fertilisers have AAPFCO and AOAC International Certifi cations.
• Super MagSi increases plant productivity by boosting chlorophyll,photosynthesis and carbohydrate production.
• The magnesium and silica compounds within Super MagSiplay an essentialrole in the fertiliser efficiency.
• Assists transportation of phosphorous in the plant enabling increased absorption to the plant.
• Improves silicon uptake.
• Super MagSireleases silicon as soluble silica and testing has shown that Super MagSi is more soluble than ordinary limestone.
• Magnesium’s association with silica gives an improved yield for tobacco, tea, rice, sugar cane, grapes, wheat and other cereal crops. As a slow release magnesium fertiliser, Super MagSiis highly beneficial for tobacco and tea and further testing shows increased yields in all agriculturaland horticultural crops.

Benefits of Magnesium (Mg) The Miracle Mineral

• Increases plant productivity by boosting chlorophyll, photosynthesis and carbohydrate production.
• Magnesium is the core mineral in the chlorophyll molecule and is necessary for the synthesis of amino acids,proteins,vitamins,oils and sugars.
• Promotes the uptake of phosphorous, the activator in over 300 enzymes and B vitamins.
• Regulates the absorption of calcium and many other essentialelements.
• Magnesium acts as a phosphate carrier in plant metabolism and controls cellular respiration.
• Increases resistance to pest and fungal attack and leaf,seeds and fruit disease,reducing chemicalusage.
• Prevents grass staggers and milk fever in lactating stock.
• Creates stronger,healthier, nutrient rich plants with increased yield.

Benefits of Silica (Si)

• Silica is present in magnesium silicate up to 45%.
• Silica boosts photosynthesis and chlorophyll content in plants.
• Increases resistance to plant stress due to drought, arid temperatures, saline and poor quality soils.
• Alleviates salt stress and increases photosynthesis production from 158% to 520% depending on the salt
concentration in the soil.
• Increases root growth,intake of vitalnutrients,boosts crop yield and enhances crop quality.
• Silicon reduction within the plant with high nitrogen usage. The current understanding is that the
mismanagement of nitrogen can impact -silicon nutrition and the associated protective effect of this mineral.The result is weaker stem strength and increased susceptibility to lodging.
• Rock fertilisers such as rock phosphate and guano products do not provide an immediate plant available
form of silicon and it may take years for this rnineralto become available for plant uptake in the soil.
• Silica fertilised grapes have superior skin quality, higher brix values, uniform bunch size and virtual
absence of fungaldiseases.
• Although rice and sugar cane are recognised silicon accumulators,with rice having the highest levels of silicon of any crop, research shows that most crops respond to silica application.
Packing: Bulk.